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Fishing, fishing, always fishing, but all you catch is a slapped face or a humiliating rejection. Fear not, your dating worries are over, because if you are habitualy single or even a serial dating super stud this is the place for you. If your fed up of hearing the same old 'there's always Loads more fish in the sea' and then wondering why there is never enough, then ponder no more. Here at Loads a fish there always is. With 100% free registration, you'd be crazy not to!
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Make sure you find the right fish for you with a couple of helpful applications:

Winks – There's Loads a fish here, how are they going to know your interested without a helpful wink?
Favorites – Create a list of your own personal interests.
Latest Potentials – A full list of the latest potential partners at Loads a fish
Latest singles with Photos – A full list of the latest photos to be uploaded
Magic match – Automatically matches you with other singles on Loads a fish (you just hold out your net and we fill it in for you) Easy? We thought so.
Who’s Online – There's always Loads a fish online waiting for your interest, here's a full list of exactly who.

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